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Why Have a Residential or
Business Fire Alarm System?

The primary advantage of having a Classic Alarm fire alarm system is to increase reliability and the ability to place alarms and bells exactly where needed. However, the reason most people have them is that they wanted a burglar alarm system and the cost of adding fire alarm features to a residential burglary system is relatively small.

Another advantage is that they are the only way to obtain remote monitoring services. This becomes important in cases where family members may not be capable of escaping from a fire without assistance. For example, if you have an older or physically impaired person in your home and a fire started when no one was home to assist that person, alarms alone might not be enough to assure their safety.

A feature of most monitoring services is the ability to keep special information on the residence which comes up on the computer screen whenever an alarm is received from that home. Thus, if there is a disabled person in the home who needs special assistance this fact will be known to the operator and can be passed along to the fire department when they are called.

Fire violations fixed or repaired

  • NFPA 72 U.L. systems installed
  • Smoke Detectors Ionization and Photo-Electric
  • Addressable Systems
  • Wireless Systems Available
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
 24 Hour U.L . Monitoring with daily test timers

Commercial and Residential Security Systems

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