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Common How-to Keypad Answers

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Bypassing Zones
Zones cannot be bypassed once the system is armed.

1. “Press ✱ for 1 Zone Bypass”.

2. Keypad will display “Zone Search < > Zone Name”. use “<” and “>” to find open zone or zone that you would like to bypass. If open, it will show “O”.

3. To Bypass a zone, push * and that zone will show “B” instead of “O”. To undo bypass of that zone, push * again and it will show “O”

4. When finished all bypassing, push # and you should be able to set your alarm.

Door Chime (Entry/Exit Beeps) To turn the door chime function on or off, press and hold the Chime key ( ) for 2 seconds or press 


Trouble Condition




Service Required (Press [1] for more information) (1) Low Battery (2) Bell Circuit (3) System Trouble (4) System Tamper (5) Module Supervision (6) RF Jam Detected (7) PC5204 Low Battery (8) PC5204 AC Failure

Call for service


Loss of AC Power If the building and/or neighborhood has lost electrical power, the system will continue to operate on battery for several hours.

Call for service


Telephone Line Fault The system has detected that the telephone line is disconnected.

Call for service


Failure to Communicate The system attempted to communicate with the monitoring station, but failed. This may be due to Trouble 3.

Call for service


Sensor (or Zone) Fault The system is experiencing difficulties with one or more sensors on the system. Press 6 to display the zone.

Call for service


Sensor (or Zone) Tamper The system has detected a tamper condition with one or more sensors on the system.

Call for service


Sensor (or Zone) Low Battery If the system has been equipped with wireless sensors, one or more has reported a low battery condition

Call for service


Loss of Time & Date If complete power was lost (AC and Battery), the time and date will need to be re-programmed.

Re-program Time & Date (page 6 in manual)

9 Press , plus your Master Access Code.
The Program or System indicator will begin

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